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I make high quality 3d printable miniatures for your favorites table top games or wargame. They fit perfectly with Star Wars Legion scale (1:48) and are also perfects for hobbyists and dioramas.

All the miniatures come supported and unsupported.

The supported versions are tested with mono resin 3d printers.

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Al the items here are not physical miniatures but presupported 3d files so you need a 3d printer to print them.

Want to buy my physical miniatures? Here a list of official sellers:

United States:


Gootzy Gaming

Kamino 3D Facility


Curations Emporium

3D Argent Printing

Big Fat Chefs Customs


Spain: and will be soon available



-Upon purchase the End-User agrees to print these files for personal use and not for any commercial printing endeavors

-Do not Share the contents of this product after purchase

-Do not resell the product or parts of the product after purchase

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V1 Battle Bots Bundle

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Octopus Big Droid

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Commander Barca - Heroic pose

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Republic Elite Soldiers - Pack N.2

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Republic Elite Officers

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V1 Rocket Battle Bots

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Snowy Planet Themed 27mm Round Bases - Pack N.2

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Republic Elite Soldiers Bundle

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Republic Tank

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